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What do we do

  • – Event Planning: Organization and planning of any kind of event 
  • – Dj Set, dancers, hostesses, Strippers
  • – Planning and management of audio, video and lighting
  • – Sale, rental and installation of audio technology, video, lights for all kinds of events
  • – Sale and rental of special effects from antlers or discos CO2 / Throw Flames / Technical Piro
  • – Rental and installation of tensostrotture, stages and American structures, platforms, furniture and stage sets
  • – Production and post-production audio, video, photos, creation and manufacture CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray

360 ° Solutions

  • – Audio equipment of every type and power
  • – Lighting systems with moving lights and non-LED, Beam, Space Canon
  • – Ledwall of various resolutions and forms, screens Plasma / LCD / LED
  • – Projectors and power and type 
  • – Stages and modular platforms and décor, backdrops, scenes, dance floors bright
  • – Tensile structures and aluminum structures, truss, motors, rigging 
  • – Show Cars (Auto Elaborate American Exposition)
  • – Bright Furniture Slide
  • – Generating Sets


  • Thanks to the collaboration of a team of professionals who together contribute to the achievement of your goal, we cover:
  • – Creation and printing of your brochure, customized clothing and gadgets
  • – Creation and printing flyers, posters and distribution,
  • – Totem LED, lighting, banners and hostess service
  • – Media: FM radio, TV and newspapers at your disposal
  • – Care of your company profile on the web and on social networks, creating and managing sites and social pages
  • – Organization and planning of any kind of event, from aperitif to product launch

– Complete restyling of the image of your business, from the logo to merchandising

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