Geodesic Structures

The Dome is a geodesic structure patented way back in 1954 by Buckminster Fuller. His work was based on the study of nature to recreate efficient spaces with an innovative design. Thus were born these singular structures, now proposed in housing, exhibition, and civil construction. Their construction is based on the extension of some basic principles of simple solids, such as the tetrahedron, the octahedron and solids with a greater number of faces that can be considered an approximation of the sphere. The structures thus conceived are extremely light and stable.


The Dome is available in various sizes starting from 6 to 28 meters in diameter for rental or sale for fixed locations. The industrial steel structure of simple assembly, thanks to its particularly resistant joints, can be used in any situation, even meteorologically adverse. One of the main advantages of the domes is in fact the particular resistance to rain, loads of snow and wind, conditions which normal tents and tensile structures would hardly bear. The incredible assembly speed of the structure combined with the small assembly equipment, allows you to cover an area of 60 m2 in just 3 hours. The domes can be erected and anchored on multiple types of soil, sand, snow, grass, concrete, or more commonly asphalt.


The real innovation of these geodesic structures is the innovative fabric cover, very light and resistant to mechanical stress, which combines perfect impermeability to water with high transparency in sunlight. The faces of the cloth allow digital projections with night-time rear projection to create a unique and impactful event.


The dome is a real means of advertising communication, in fact, by projecting logos or brands on the cloth, you can promote your products. Domes covers can be made in multiple color variations or even in transparent material. It is possible to brand the covers with company logos and images at your convenience, using repositionable materials, without the use of glues.

Light and Sounds

The geodesic structure allows you to attach equipment for lighting, sound, and projections to the bearing pentagons, allowing you to live a spectacular experience in the Dome. The reproduced sound is automatically improved by the dome, which thanks to its shape allows the emitted wavelengths to be dispersed more uniformly which does not happen with other structures where the sound is focused.


The dome can be heated or cooled by means of aeration vents on the sheet. The shape of the dome naturally transports the air in a circular pattern creating a uniform distribution of heat and cold. Our company will help you to recreate the environment best suited to your requests.

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